11/08/2013 IIEA Member News Alert

05/21/2013 David Blume Presents Appropriate-scale Biological Waste to Fuel Solutions AT Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas’ Regional Policy and Technology Forum in Panama

Santa Cruz, CA— May 21, 2013.Blume Distillation LLC, the leading provider of appropriate-scale alcohol fuel (bioethanol) production equipment, announced today its participation in the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), Regional Technology Forum, taking place June 4 - 6 in Panama City, Panama.

As part of ECPA, the United States Department of Agriculture, supported by an agreement with the U.S. Department of State, is convening the “Regional Policy and Technology Forum” to focus on utilizing agricultural biomass as a renewable energy source in the Western Hemisphere. According to Daniel Lapidus, International Agricultural Development Specialist, US Department of Agriculture/Foreign Agricultural Service, “the Forum brings together technical experts, public and private stakeholders from the U.S. and partner countries through-out Latin America.”

The Forum builds on ongoing technical collaboration and demonstration projects implemented since 2011. “This is a unique opportunity to analyze polices and review technologies that have proven useful to sustainably employ agricultural biomass as a source for renewable energy,” Lapidus added.

01/30/2013 IIEA Member News Alert

Member News Alert 1/30/13

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA)

2013 A Year for Abundance!

David Blume on Coast to Coast 1/30/13.

Program focus: E-15.  Is it safe to use?  Can most cars run on it?  Why are the oil companies pushing so hard against it?


This program will be available on the Coast to Coast Am archive as well if you missed it.

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1) Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against E15

2) Actress, Author Promote E15

3) Daryl Hannah Boosts E15 Alcohol

4) E15 Alcohol Smog Testing with David Blume

5) Catch David at the Earthaven Ecovillage Talk

10/11/2012 Replacing alcohol for gas would lower prices and create 26 million jobs

Examiner: GAS OCTOBER 11, 2012


On Oct. 10, ecological biologist David Blume appeared as a guest on the Coast to Coast AM radio show to speak on the wonders of using alcohol as a fuel to replace gasoline. During his two hour long interview with host George Norry, Blume reports that by simply switching from gasoline to alcohol as an energy source, it would instantly halve the cost of automobile fuel to the American consumer, and create an industry that would bring 26 million permanent jobs to the economy.

George Noory: Worldwide? Are they relying on ethanol?

David Blume: There's this little country down in Latin American called Brazil. It's almost as big as the United States... just enormous. And, they don't import any oil there... they don't need to. Because, they make alcohol, and 95% of all new cars made in Brazil are made to run on both alcohol and gas, and pretty close to all the cars in Brazil are able to run on both.

And the reason is, typically in most years alcohol is half the price of most gasolines. People want to use whatever is cheaper, either alcohol or gasoline. But there's a huge effect, and we need to pay attention to this in our country. There is over a million union sugar cane workers in Brazil that produce the sugar cane for fuel. It's the most stable agricultural employment in that country, and in the United States, if we replaced all of our gasoline with alcohol, which we can do, we would recover 26 million jobs, many more than were lost during the Bush economic debacle. - Coast to Coast AM, Oct. 10

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